About Us

King Cakes are loved by people of any age. Big Easy King Cakes offers the best cinnamon infused king cakes from various New Orleans bakeries. We have partnered to give back to New Orleans. A portion of each Big Easy King Cake sale goes back to the New Orleans Charter School system. You can't beat that!

The cakes are hand-braided. Each of the cakes is baked to perfection. You will find our delicious cakes, topped with the famous white creamy icing and purple, green and gold sprinkles.  All cakes have the ingredients listed on the packaging. Please be sure to check the ingredients if you suffer from certain food allergies. Every cake also has a small baby hidden inside of the cake.  Please take note of this.  It's also labeled on the packaging.  We are not responsible for illness or injury associated with eating one of our king cakes.  We are dedicated to offering the finest quality shipping to the customers. The company has joined its hands with USPS and we ship out priority mail twice weekly. Enjoy a little taste of New Orleans in every bite. Order your Big Easy King Cake today!